The Swedish film and TV industry highlights the importance of ethnic diversity

The Swedish film and TV industry gathered today in Stockholm, two years after the start of the #metoo movement, to highlight the importance of ethnic diversity. SF Studios, The Swedish Film & TV Producers Association, The Swedish Film Institute and The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film hosted the seminar to discuss and reflect on the importance of the #metoo movement in Sweden and share experiences and infuse inspiration for continued change.

In November 2017, in the wake of the allegations of sexual misconduct and the #metoo movement, hundreds of Swedish actresses published their own experiences of sexual abuse and coercion in a collective letter and online with the hashtag “silenceaction”. The number of testimonies exploded and in just a few days, the group #silenceaction had grown to over 1.100 actresses.

Since then, SF Studios, The Swedish Film & TV Producers Association, The Swedish Film Institute and The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film have had regular dialogue with representatives from #silenceaction to make sure that the discussion and change within the industry continues.

One year after #silenceaction, in November 2018, the organizations arranged an industry event to highlight the importance of #silenceaction and discuss what organizations in the industry have done during the last year to secure workplaces free from offensive discrimination and sexual harassment.

This year’s event, taking place this morning, had a focus on the importance of ethnic diversity in the film and TV industry and was arranged by the same organizations as last year in close collaboration with representatives from #silenceaction. This year, the cultural association TRYCK has also been involved in the planning.

Leaders in the Swedish film and TV industry such as producers, tv channels, distributors, financiers and directors participated in a panel discussion moderated by the actresses Anna Carlson and Bahar Pars. The gathering was also attended by the actress Rosanna Arquette, who is in Stockholm to receive the Stockholm Achievement Award at Stockholm's international film festival, and the Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind.

"There must be a before and after #metoo. That is why we need a context where we meet and focus on the problems and get strength from one another. I have since my first day as a minister been determined to do everything in my power to create change. There are days like today which gives me hope that we are many who share the same goal,” says Amanda Lind, Minister of Culture and Democracy.

"I am happy to once again gather the industry to pay attention to the importance of #silenceaction and continue our work on these matters together. On this two-year anniversary of #silenceaction, we continue to learn from each other on how we can change the structures of the industry and get new perspectives", says Michael Porseryd, CEO at SF Studios.

“Culture and entertainment mirrors our time, and channel the voices of our society. A spark can create a revolution and give hope, but a lasting change requires that we are all prepared to change the structure fundamentally. Are you ready?”, says #silenceaction.

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Photo: Susanne Szalo/SF Studios.
Angelika Prick, Moa Gammel, Sofia Helin, Julia Dufvenius, Eva Röse, Sara Zommorodi, Sofia Ledarp, Bahar Pars, Maria-Lee Kim, Nanna Blondell opened the event.

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